The FCS 20XX series of workshops were conceived as a unique way to teach the most complex modern instrumentations in the area of Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy to the practising scientists and Ph.D. students in India. The original workshop was started with funding from the Govt. of India (Dept. of Electronics and Information Technology) in 2009, through a grant to Prof. Sudipta Maiti, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India. Till 2012, this workshop was supported by this grant.

There was a tremendous positive response from the community, and a need was felt by the community to continue the series beyond the Government sponsored period. From 2013 onwards, the workshop was self-supported (with sponsorships from many industry bodies), and organized through a newly formed society (Fluorescence Society, www.florescenceindia.org) and also with help from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (www.tifr.res.in), and a local host institute. The goal of the society was not only to continue the series, but also to expand the activities by holding smaller workshops, and providing awards and fellowships to students to enable them to present their work at various for a in India and abroad.

FCS (First), 2009
Together with Fluorescence 2009, TIFR, Mumbai
FCS II, 2010
NEHU, Shillong
FCS III, 2011
JNU, New Delhi
FCS IV, 2012
Saha Institute, Kolkata
FCS V, 2013
IISc and JNCASR, Bangalore
FCS VI, 2014
IIT Guwahati
Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecular Complexes Meeting , no FCS, at TIFR., Mumbai
FCS VII, 2016
FCS + Society for Optics Within Life Sciences Meeting, TIFR, Mumbai
FCS VIII, 2017
FCS IX, 2018
JNU, New Delhi
FCS X, 2019
TIFR Hyderabad
FCS XI, 2020
Online, organized by IIT Bombay
FCS XII, 2021
Online, organized by IISER and RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram
FCS XIII, January 2023
To be held at IISER and RGCB, Thiruvananthapuram