The Fluorescence Society originated from the National Fluorescence Workshop organized by Sudipta Maiti (TIFR) and Sivaprasad Mitra (NEHU, Shillong) at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in 2009. This was a unique workshop where 11 research groups from all over India were trained to build a fluorescence correlation spectrometer, and were trained in its theory and use. They were each provided a “kit” designed by the Maiti lab, were guided to build functioning FCS machines from this kit during the three weeks of the workshop, and at the end they were allowed to take the kits back to their own laboratories. This has been followed by a workshop each year since then, and has now expanded to include all types of fluorescence and Raman techniques. The cost of the project was borne by the Dept. of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India through a grant to the organizers. The Society acknowledges the invaluable advice and help provided by DeitY official Dr. Niloufer Shroff throughout this project, who went way beyond her call of duty to make this project a success.

After the Workshop at Kolkata in 2012, it was felt that the organization of this workshop will be easier under the umbrella of an organization. As a result, Fluorescence Sociey was born, and it was registered as a charitable society in 2013. The formation of this society was announced during the workshop in Bangalore in Dec. 2013. The founding governing body members were G. Krishnamoorthy (TIFR, President), S. Maiti (TIFR, Joint Secretary), Sobhan Sen (JNU, Joint Secretary), Anindya Datta (IIT Bombay, Treasurer), Soumen Basak (SINP), S. Mitra (NEHU), J. Dasgupta (TIFR) and ASR Koti (TIFR).

The registration documents, and the constitution are available on request.